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Kapitonova Elena Anatol'evna, Associate professor, sub-departmen of criminal law, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), e-kapitonova@yandex.ru

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Background. Nuclear and biological attacks have the potential to become one of the most dangerous manifestations of modern terrorism. At the same time in t e Russian law, as well as in the jurisprudence, there is no clear understanding of the concepts related to this problem. The objectives of the work are to clarify the conceptual apparatus and to generate proposals for amendments to the legislation.
Materials and methods. The author used the method of dialectics as a general scientific method that allows to study the phenomena and processes of reality in their historical development, as well as private-scientific methods (formal-legal, comparative legal methods and system analysis).
Results. The article considers a content of definitions of nuclear and biological terrorism offered by various authors. The researcher presents and proves her own point of view on this issue, analyzes the international legal regulation in this sphere and identifies shortcomings of the legal regulation of criminal responsibility for such terrorism in Russia. The article suggests a number of changes to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in order to ensure punishment for all possible ways of committing terrorist acts.
Conclusions. The theoretical propositions, formulated in the study, are aimed at elaboration of recommendations on improving the Russian legislation and are able to raise the level thereof. They can also be used in academic activities and in the educational process of higher professional education establishments of the law sphere, as well as in up-grading the qualification of practical staff and scientificacademic personnel in the sphere of jurisprudence.

Key words

terrorism, terrorist attack, nuclear terrorism, biological terrorism, crime, nuclear safety

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